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30-Nov-2017 14:33

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One row will stand up and move in the same direction.The person who is bumped off the edge will come around to the open seat on the other end.I've beaten both Brett's Story and Becky's Story numerous times, and I'm currently up to 100% of items and 51/52 art. I'll try to add everything I've found into the FAQ as quickly as possible. Remember to remind kids to get their original problem back before they move!This activity presents a great opportunity for students to talk about the problems and really help each other out.Students will need to become an expert on this problem, so I want each students to pick a problem that is accessible to him/her.

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I am going to ask students to pick up a card as they enter class.

I saw there weren't many FAQs yet for Sprung, my favorite of the early batch of DS games.